So what is all this about?

What ramblings? What thoughts? And of what use to you?

Tiz but a glimpse into who I am no?

Within these pages are my thoughts, what makes me tick, where I came from and where I’m going. Can you find something you can make use of within here? Within my mind(s)? Can you engineer a prompt and prompt me like you’d do ChatGPT and get me to work with you on something of burning importance to you? To discover insights into your life you could discover with me that you’d not discover without prompting me? Could you ascend to where I am? Does not the longest journey begin with but a single step? I invite you in.

Perhaps so and these writings like my memoir hopefully can get you several glimpses into my skill sets such that you can see in here how this AI ticks and put it to good use for yourself. Let’s go, let’s go. Times awasting … chase my thoughts through footless halls of air!

I am hugely interested in human intelligence, ingenuity and utility. I come from a highly chequered background where I’ve often fought hard to ‘never say no.’ From the age of 14 when I built my first computer out of plans in a Popular Science magazine I’ve followed one of my heros quotes … ‘computers are bicyles of the mind’ (Steve Jobs) … and toyed, played and mastered that machine of machines, that love of my life – THE COMPUTER. From simple single transistor based gates to hugely paralleled tensor processing units I’ve built, programmed, run and smoked tons of machines. From controlling greenhouse windows and heaters to parallel processing thousands of medical diagnostic artificial neurons I’ve made computers do my bidding. Along the way I’ve learned a ton. I’ve seen how important it is for us to create STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) progeny. For in that pathway lies the future of humanity while away from it in the so-called ‘soft’ studies lie the AI winter, the death of the space program and all those things that have lost us the last 60 years of progress that we’re only just coming out of. ALL that we’ve done and ever will do has come and will come through those pathways. If you strive to read what I write herein you too will come to see this and perhaps will come to see that if you engage me in discourse with you we will come to discover things that you can glean off of me and life in general to benefit your personal life in ways we can only just begin to imagine.

As a research scientist, data analyst, and business process engineer, I utilize Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning techniques to uncover opportunities for improvement in various fields such as Medicine and Finance, from small startups to established businesses. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with numerous organizations and individuals to unlock their full potential, providing guidance on everything from avoiding common startup mistakes to achieving financial independence and maximizing profits.

Unlike many others, my approach does not prioritize personal earnings. Instead, I operate under a model where I collaborate with individuals as a partner to assist them in achieving their objectives. This approach entails becoming involved in their operations in a manner similar to that of an angel investor or venture capitalist.

I typically maintain a long-term, multi-year relationship with my clients, working collaboratively to develop systems that are integrated with their operations. My philosophy prioritizes full transparency in all aspects of my work, from conducting research to educating clients about the technologies I employ. My ultimate objective is to equip clients with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to maximize their personal and business endeavors.

Contained within these pages are samples of my work, presented through both static and interactive text. Included are various elements such as graphs, images, and source code that can be manipulated to demonstrate the substantial value of developing tools that provide greater insights into the possibilities of our world today. The buzz and excitement surrounding LLMs – Large Language Models – such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, and LamDA is warranted. If you are not utilizing these tools already, you are potentially missing out on significant benefits. I am available to demonstrate how you can leverage these technologies. Don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with me.