Corporate & Personal Training

My methods are different, REALLY different. Via the inverted classroom to hands-on approach that I use I am able to get programmers up and running within 4 to 5 days and machine learning future researchers on the path to deep understandings of AI within about 2 weeks. In order to do this I don’t use the classical lecture model.

Read about the inverted classroom at the link above. My hands-on approach is simple. I get students up and running writing and running actual code within 30 minutes to an hour of first starting a course with them. That means they are actually interacting with code, ideas and advanced tools literally within minutes of sitting down in a class even if they’ve never programmed before. Read more about my hands-on approach at the link.


I am able to come to your company premises to teach small groups of 4 to 8 people. I don’t like to work with much larger groups as I then cannot give the kind of attention to individual students as I’d like to.

My training is all bespoke meaning that its tightly tailored to specific students’/corporate needs. For example – I have students work on their own data personal or corporate. They analyse their own data and develop insights on how to do that within the very first hour of starting to work on it. Then they’re up and running with advanced programming skills within 4 to 5 working days. I use a reference text for each level and provide an electronic copy (pdf/epub/kindle) for each student to keep even after the course ends. I don’t follow the reference text word for word – it’s there for students to refer to. I produce my own materials in the form or slides, handouts and Jupyter Notebooks.

Minimal prerequisites for the courses are: You must have an internet connection and a computer you can use on your own (no sharing please). Your machine must be a full-fledged development class machine – that means no tablets or phones; I cannot provide any Android or IOS support through these courses. You can be running Windows, macOS or Linux – it makes no difference to me and it won’t to you either. macOS is preferred with Ubuntu Linux a close second. Windows is not the ideal platform for serious development but I will provide you with support on Windows if you must use that OS.


  1. Python Data Analysis. Reference:Python for Data Analysis by Wes McKinney.
  2. Machine Learning: Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn – Aurelien Geron.
  3. Neural Networks and Deep Learning: Reference is the free on-line book by the same heading.
  4. Deep Learning. Reference is the free on-line book by the same heading.


I charge US$ 2280 for 4.5 days – say Monday through Thursday with Friday a half-day involving mainly practice and consolidation of what we’ve covered. Each of the full weekdays we start class at 0900, break for lunch at 1200 and pick up the training again at 1400 finishing off at 1600. If you have me train 8 people costs work out at just US$ 456 per day for 5 days of training or just $ 92 per person per day ( which works out at just under $20 per hour). How can I keep costs so low? Primarily by not being hungry for money as I’ve already made myself financially free through the very same technologies I’m teaching in these courses. Why charge at all then? Because as I’ve found out only too often – cheap/free stuff is not valued!

Other ancillary charges/requirements

  1. You must pay for my flights to and from the venue and arrange transfers to and from the airport and from accommodation to the training venue or my Uber if training is local to Nairobi, Kenya.
  2. You must pay for my accommodation which may be hotel or lodge. If training is to take place in Nairobi I will come to you from my home so you save money there.
  3. I need a quiet room with seating for all students.
  4. I need a whiteboard/smart-board or a clean, unblemished white wall; I have my own projector+laptop for teaching.
  5. I will appreciate a cup of coffee mid-morning.

Personal Coaching

I also provide personal coaching which is for smaller groups of 2 or 3 persons max and which I usually hold at my home offices/computer labs. We work on a deck overlooking a lake in a setting that is so peaceful you have to experience it to believe it.

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