Key Ideas

So one of the key ideas I’ve had and put to use teaching over 3000 students from general computing all the way to Artificial Intelligence skills has been is to give them bite sized bits of information about advanced and fairly arcane and difficult to understand technologies in a unique hands-on manner using what I call the ‘inverted classroom.’ Read on to learn more about this.

When presented in the usual way of lectures, slides and books these technologies are so hard to learn that the task is almost insurmountable. My approach however has worked incredibly well and I’ve graduated more than 3,000 students to date in what to many seemed impossible to learn before they went through one of my courses.

I invite you to join me and share in this big, bright, new world that has so much fascinating stuff going on in it. For a while now I’ve been [forced] to focus on patients with Type II Diabetes putting them onto my special version of the ketogenic diet and curing close to 99.99% of the 2260 patients (only 2 failed treatments in the entire lot over the past 17 years that I’ve been doing this and those also only because those two patients ‘cheated’ and didn’t follow the protocol I laid out for them). But it has become only too clear to me over these past few months that this is not a sustainable model. I am only one person and dealing with more than 2000 currently active patients has been taxing to say the least. Also it’s begun to feel like I’m wasting too much of a good thing to be limited to so few cures borne of the constraint of <one person:one patient> at a time. What if there were 10 of me? What if 1000? Would the results not scale up to 2,000,000 cures? Would that then not be a legacy worth leaving behind?

It took a while but I’ve finally arrived at the thought that I must remodel these ideas of mine and try to get that 3 orders of magnitude (1000X) increase in my output by creating as many copies of me as possible. But how can I do that? I’ve spent more than 30 years researching this nutrition topic; I’ve spent ALL my adult life working/playing/living with computers, code and algorithms. From the 2 year stint I spent living with the Masai from 1984 to 1986, collecting nutrition data, putting it into a masters level thesis, subjecting that study to rigorous peer review, having holes bored into it, repeating it with corrections … this knowledge emerged. Is it possible to teach the same to a new cadre of medical professionals so they can go out and achieve the same or similar results as mine without the 30-year lead time?

And what about applying these same AI, Deep Learning technologies to other fields. I did and continue to do it in finance. And I’m doing it in the cryptocurrency world right now even as I write this. I am financially free (and able to spend time writing this blog) because I know these technologies and have figured out how to put them to use for myself. I find myself on the right side of the digital divide. Can this be taught to the general public? I taught it to a bunch of friends some doctors, some who’d never seen algorithms before. What about the general public?

YOU will be the judge of that. Get ready to join the 3000+ that have already capitalised on my offerings and seen their lives take off to places they’d never thought they’d reach.

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