Hello there and welcome to my website. This website is geared toward giving you a little insight into what I do which is

to teach people about computers in a way that they’ve never dreamt to experience, a fun way, a fast way, an approachable way.

and to teach no matter what professional walk of life they come from how young or old or what their gender, race, tribe or religion may be.

As computers and information technology advance at an ever-increasing pace there exists the phenomenon of the creation of what I call a DIGITAL DIVIDE. By this I mean a rift developing between those people and organisations/companies that are on the digital side of the fence and those that are ignoring that world and continuing to lie on the other side – the old and dying side. My aim and raison d’être is to right that ill. If you have sensed that there is something happening out there and that you might be missing the bus you’ve come to the right place. And remember …

Nothing in this world runs without some form of technology behind it. If you are the kind of person that likes to know what makes our world tick, studying computers and computer science is the best and arguably the only way to learn what that is.

Do have a browse around (the links at left under the RECENT POSTS heading will serve you well) and if you have a question fire it off to dr.neal.aggarwal@gmail.com or reach out to me on Telegram at t.me/drnealaggarwal. My other contact details are on this page.

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