Onward me hearties

So you’ve got this far installed a programming environment (python and Jupyter Notebooks) done a little data science and a little neural network programming.

You could of course go at it your own – get a few books, wade through them and teach yourself this stuff. It’s possible and it’s been done before. Elsewhere on this website I’ve recommended Wes McKinney’s book for data science and Aurelion Geron’s one for Machine Learning. And then of course there’s Seb Raschka’s wonderful, wonderful books to dig deeper still.

Or you could watch some YouTube videos or take some coursera, udemy, codeacademy or edx videos and try the code out and progress one video/course at a time.

Yes it can be done but it’s going to be tough going, a long slog and you’re going to get stuck from time to time and will need help to get unstuck. That’s where I come in. With me ‘at the front of your class’ so to speak we’d employ my inverted classroom technique and you’d choose a data set, even one in your own company/business or a chapter/paragraph in a book and try keying in and executing some code and then ‘come to class’ to ask questions, play with the code in the presence of your peers, learn from each other, test out new ideas and really, REALLY polish up your skills, internalise and consolidate the knowledge gleaned and become a true expert in the field.

Or you could choose to try for a million dollars in a Kaggle competition or to analyse some public data sets…

Will it take the 10,000 hours that Gladwell says it will? HELL NO! I can literally have you up and programming in as little as 30 minutes even if you’ve never programmed before. Do you stand a chance of winning that Kaggle prize? Yes of course you do. Will you get stuck along the way and will I be there to help you? Yes I will.

If you’ve gone through the pages in the list under my <recent posts> category title at the left of this page (or scrolled down sequentially if your on a mobile phone) and read it all doing the exercises as you go you’re well on your way to becoming a data scientist, AI practitioner. Was it hard to do? Did it take thousands of hours to learn and to perfect it? Of course not. All it took was the willingness to dip your toes in the water, install the environment (which boiled down to just clicking on green buttons on screen), key in a few words, even if you could not understand head or toe of what they meant, and then hit <control+enter> and your code was running.

What more could you ask for? How much easier than this can it become?

And if it’s that easy … what is your excuse for not being able to develop algorithms that trade money for you and make money automagically, without emotion, 24/7/365 or to run algorithms that show you beyond a shadow of any doubt how to live your life for the greatest health-span possible or to figure out what is best for your business, patients or customers in order to grow your business in leaps and bounds. OR — all of these at the same time as I do?

Stop whining about not being able to get on in the world and make a HUGE success of your life. There has never been a better time than now to take advantage of the massive leaps in technology that are presenting all of us with so many opportunities it’s becoming an embarrassment of riches. Wake up! Get off that couch. Create a windfall … do it TODAY!

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