Corporate Training – The Big Wake Up is happening folks. Everyone, everywhere is realising that they ignore Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning to their peril. Just as the internet burst upon so many like a giant tsunami wiping out the old guard and replacing it with on-line retailing, ride hailing, self publishing and more so is AI wiping out those that don’t embrace it. Just ask the taxi driver that now faces Uber or Little Cabs or the hardware retailer that has to compete with the likes of Pipeman, Amazon or Ebay or the clearing and forwarding agents that have to contend with Jumia and Killimall.

I provide training for small groups – you come to me (to my ‘ashram on a lake’ as so many have called my home offices, computer and robotics labs – or I come to you – anywhere in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania. I run courses that are fun, quick (4 to 5 days to relative mastery of the concepts), inverted and therefore completely unlike any course/lecture/YouTube video you’ve seen thus far.

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Mentoring – My unique system where you invest a sum of your choosing into a brokerage account that is entirely your own and under yours and only your control but that you give me access to and watch as I fire algorithms against your funds and have computers make money for you even as you sleep! Can you take on a side channel and learn to earn some extra money? Is this a pipe dream, just another internet scam? Sure there are many of those out there but this is not one of them; this is hard work but work that bears fruit. At the end of the tunnel is financial freedom: the idea that you make your money work for you rather than you working for money. 

I walk you through what I do and you watch as I put money where my mouth is and teach you how to do the same. You see the algorithms developed, learn about the ideas employed and then start to develop and deploy them against your own money in real time. We will use the QuantConnect platform and deploy our algorithms against your accounts on an Interactive Brokers platform. In addition we will make use of the incredible resource of Quantitative Economics with Python.

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