In 1977 I made friends with a fella who had, hidden in his basement, a Moog System 55 modular synthesizer. I knew little about this tangle of wires and boxes and little did I guess that my mind would become warped and wrapped around all those circuits forever lost in the maze and vortex of… Continue reading Modular

Python programming

There is a magic to computers – a world of exploration almost like another planet somewhere out there in the ethos that so many are yet to discover and in today’s world we are uniquely gifted with tools, courses, teachers, ways of thinking … that can open vistas to all of us far, far more exciting than anything else on earth.

I know this folks – I’ve done it for the past 48 years. And I did it the hard way. Today you don’t have to follow the path I followed – though having said that it is the path that I’ve followed that I’ve loved every bit of they way, every step. Waking each morning bright and bushy tailed it’s the path that has made me hunger for more and more each day.

I would like nothing more than to start you off on that path too. Over the past 48 I’ve started 603 off on that exciting road already. A few of them already passed me by and I’m watching them watch me in their rear view mirrors. It’s so easy to get sucked in today – so rewarding – and so quick to achieve. Watch this video. Bwana Severance is one of the best you can get to give you a first boost down this marvellous road.

Meet me down in the rabbit hole somewhere …