In 1977 I made friends with a fella who had, hidden in his basement, a Moog System 55 modular synthesizer. I knew little about this tangle of wires and boxes and little did I guess that my mind would become warped and wrapped around all those circuits forever lost in the maze and vortex of… Continue reading Modular


This paper is here >> Below I have extracted what I feel a lay person would find easiest to read and follow. The link above is to this large study that is highly significant and extremely well done but you’ll need some good medicine/organic chemistry understand all that’s being said here. This is one… Continue reading CBD


‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds’ … Bhagavad-Gita Trailer: BBC History Documentary Every once in a while a book is written that can literally change ones life. American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer Kai Bird (Author), Martin J. Sherwin (Author) is one such book. I am Can’t wait… Continue reading Oppenheimer


Some photos of the eclipse this morning. I followed it on the timeanddate telescope located in Perth …

Hybrid Solar Eclipse tomorrow

A hybrid solar eclipse combines an annular and a total solar eclipse where the former becomes the latter and then usually reverts back. Therefore, observers at different points in the eclipse path can experience different phenomena. For example, if you watch a hybrid solar eclipse at sunrise or at sunset you may see a brief “ring of fire”. If you watch it at midday — so at the mid-point of the eclipse’s path across the surface of Earth — you’ll experience totality. It’s therefore impossible to experience both an annular and a total solar eclipse during a hybrid event — you have to make a choice.

We will not be able to see it in Nairobi but here is a interactive map so you can play and experience where it will travel. I am searching for other views especially satellite photos/videos and will post images and links here if I can get them. In the meantime look what humans+computers+math — have a play at the link above.

Sound design

Like so many unfortunate youngsters out there I very nearly had music, sound, the great sonic vistas of nature beaten out of me by being forced into that most ignominous of teachings – the ramming down into young throats of piano recital playing. I went through the years of toil leading to various Royal Schools of Music examinations, the finger and mind bending playing over and over again of scales and exercises and multiple humiliations of having to play for relatives, friends and those who just enjoyed their dinner with our family now having to endure little Neal and his piano ditty.

Fortunately for me the math of music, the shock of sound coming out of a sine wave coursing voltage, the magic of patch chords, modular synthesis, euclidean polyrhythms, delay and reverberation circuits – never left me. From my first synth – a MOOG 2600 – to todays open source digital haven – VCV Rack – I’ve had and continue to have it all to hold, for richer and [mostly] poorer, in sickness and in health and with full surprise, richness, colour, sound, electrons, keys, chords, time-signatures … now THAT is music … without beating the life out of the kid.

As you can see in the thumb image of the video above, I build my own modular synthesizers and oh boy! what fun it is. I get to let my mind run wild diving into all sorts of math rabbit holes, electronic design and build projects and then to use those tools to create sounds – that may include music – but are often far, far more and deeper explorations than mere music.

But then again — all of sound is music to us humans is it not?

Python programming

There is a magic to computers – a world of exploration almost like another planet somewhere out there in the ethos that so many are yet to discover and in today’s world we are uniquely gifted with tools, courses, teachers, ways of thinking … that can open vistas to all of us far, far more exciting than anything else on earth.

I know this folks – I’ve done it for the past 48 years. And I did it the hard way. Today you don’t have to follow the path I followed – though having said that it is the path that I’ve followed that I’ve loved every bit of they way, every step. Waking each morning bright and bushy tailed it’s the path that has made me hunger for more and more each day.

I would like nothing more than to start you off on that path too. Over the past 48 I’ve started 603 off on that exciting road already. A few of them already passed me by and I’m watching them watch me in their rear view mirrors. It’s so easy to get sucked in today – so rewarding – and so quick to achieve. Watch this video. Bwana Severance is one of the best you can get to give you a first boost down this marvellous road.

Meet me down in the rabbit hole somewhere …

All your cells are spiked!

ALL of you who took the vaccine — SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOU.

No research, no reasoning, no thinking. Just followed the kooks that goaded you on to do it to you and by extension to ALL of us and LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE … you’ve given so many thousands of us spike protein effects, long covid symptoms, MCAS, bipolar symptoms, Epstein Barr Virus activation, Shingles reactivation, allergic blowups, migrating polyarthritis and so, so much more much of which we’ll be left discovering and scrambling to battle for years to come.

YOU! It’s you that did this! How could you have allowed anyone to genetically modify your very own bodies? You, who most likely are scared to death of genetically modified foods – allowed yourselves to be bullied into putting messenger RNA – MESSENGER RNA into your bodies, into your souls, into the very heart of your beings. And you had the nerve to say you did this for the rest of us, to do the right thing for all of humanity, to hold your head up high as you did it and after.

Not holding your heads up high now are you?

Did not think one jot. Just took on a completely untested, unproven, new technology never before used in humans. Not even tested in animals. And what did that tech do? It created resistant strains – the Omicron varieties we are now seeing are things of real horror. Wait for it – more are on the way – thanks to you lot. Thanks to you lot that don’t invest in your education, don’t stop to think for one minute, run helter-skelter like scared rabbits.

And now we ALL will pay for this foolishness – many with our well being and perhaps even with our lives!

423,651 views 16 Apr 2023 German pathology, John’s text book on pathophysiology and more, free download on this link,

DNA damage in mitochondria in human cells. Truly frightening stuff – cellular destruction of many of our cells must follow mitochondrial DNA damage.

73,514 views Streamed live on 29 Jul 2022 #drbeen#koolbeens#COVID Just HOW Does Spike Protein Destroy Mitochondria? (Studies) Do you wonder just how does the spike protein cause cell damage? In this study researchers provide a unique insight into the mechanism of damage and the evidence of damage in brain microglial cells using Ramen microspectrometer. Let’s review.

Please consider purchasing a lifetime subscription – I think it’s still going for US$ 67. We all need to support Dr Mobeen to the utmost. His is THE most important scientist alive in our world today contributing this level of continuing medical education.

Resistance and Cardio Training is useless!

Training (weight bearing/resistance) methods have been static for many years and many sport and gym coaches have seen little incentive to change them. And there is a scary truth herein folks. For how many years have you been going to your favourite gym seeing the same old, same olde people coming in day-after-day, working out, sweating and heading off to work only to return, rinse and repeat over, and over and over. And what do you notice?

“Fitness may well be humanity’s most failed endeavour”

I see people that have been working out for decades – literally that – decades. And what do they have to show for it? The same old layers of fat, pudgy cushingoid faces, metabolic syndrome riddled bodies, wasted time-crushed dreams. Depressing.

But is there any light at the end of the tunnel. Of course there is but it takes an open mind, research and a scientific look at this gym/training thing we are so willy nilly enganging in. But therein lies the rub. Are you able and willing to put in the time and effort to figure out what the latest findings are? Do you have an open enough mind that you can accept that the way we’ve been doing this these past several years we’ve proven to ourselves that weight training and even cardio training is a waste of time — the Way we’ve been doing it that is. Are you open to discovering a new way. I am and I have. I’ve been through over 250 peer reviewed papers covering that holy grail of scientific processes – the Randomized Controlled Trial. And what I’ve found has surprised even me.

It all began when I lived and worked with the Masai communities of the Kajiado area right here in our back yard. What I found out changed my entire outlook on nutrition and diet. Over the years that outlook and the ways in which to implement it into my own, my families and my patients’ lives has led to numerous (103 and counting) successes success being – cancer eliminated, six-packs deployed, sleep cycles regularized, metabolic syndrome and diabetes chased off.

Here is an old presentation I created a while back. Of course things have changed a lot since I made this though it is still relevant. As with all these pages here … keep coming back … I will add more material as I get the time and find the gumption and inclination to push more stuff your way.