Random Stuff

This is where I’m collecting ideas that don’t fit in the other categories. Over the years that this website documents my wanderings this will grow (as will the rest of the site) perhaps in leaps and bounds. Come back here often to read about what I’ve been up to and perhaps to ask me questions and to join in with me in this wonderful journey.

Here’s a first one: One of my favourite pieces of generative, ambient music that I often have running while I work/study. It’s by an amazing group called Above and Beyond.

All of you have figured out by now that I am a scientist through and through and therefore do not ascribe to random BS that floods the internet, social networks and our world generally today. To that end I did not fall for the Huduma Numba nonsense that the government of Kenya tried to push onto all its citizens a few years ago. By the same token I have not and will never allow anyone to push the Covid vaccine onto me or mine. Taking the vaccine is unscientific and those that do take the vaccine are more religious than scientific. Religion is that for which no evidence is required; science … you get my drift. What will emerge from this? You watch this space folks; foisting a genetically modifying mixture onto an unsuspecting populace is not going to end well. As the years go by we will learn a ton about this and I fear it’s not going to be good news.

(I am leaving my notes of 2022 above here as even in 2024 they still ring true)