What I’m Studying

I built one of the first on-line colleges back in the day folks (1991) so of course I studied most of what I know today on-line too. My daughters followed my lead and studied their bachelors and masters on-line. They, like me, continue to study to this day ‘coz you’ve never learned enough and going over something a third or fourth time really makes it sink in. So here are some of the courses that I’ve taken over the years that you can still take today if you want to follow at least a part of what made me what I am.

MITs Open Courseware – Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs – As I mentioned in the What I’m Reading page – this has been a HUGELY influential course in my life. The videos are still available on-line and I think they will be forever. Take this course especially if you want to score brownie points with me when we do finally meetup and talk.

Anything, ANY course you can find on Udemy by Mike X Cohen you should follow. There’s a lot of math courses in his streams as well as Python, Neural Networks, Stats and even ChatGPT. You need math badly and Mike X is fantastic at teaching it. Go have a look – at my last count he has tons of courses on Udemy and I’ve looked very closely at nearly all the math and programming ones to curate them for you. I can heartily vouch for his stuff. His teaching style is fantastic and that you get to use Python to do hands-on what he is teaching is a sure-fire way to make sure you truly internalize what he is teaching. Once you’re done with his courses head over to my machine learning page to continue your research/studies.

I could stop there and you’d be well equipped to face this AI – Large Language Model world that we’re all swimming in but there’s so much more. Two of Charles Severances courses and one Harvard course you must, MUST take to really round out your knowledge. They are …

Harvard CS50 – this 24+ hours worth of YouTube video is amazing. Start, dig-in, get through it. This course is so good that I can hazard the thought that it should be compulsory for ALL humans no matter where they live or what field they work in. Go do this course. Struggle through it – there will be times you struggle to the point of nearly giving up but remember that I’m here to help you if you find yourself in that position. You’ll thank me from the bottom of your heart that you got through this course.

Charles Severance working his way through what I think is THE most important book of our IT world.

Charles Severance on one of the most well rounded Python programming courses.

Princeton University course on bitcoin – if you want a deeper dive into bitcoin.