Resistance and Cardio Training is useless!

Training (weight bearing/resistance) methods have been static for many years and many sport and gym coaches have seen little incentive to change them. And there is a scary truth herein folks. For how many years have you been going to your favourite gym seeing the same old, same olde people coming in day-after-day, working out, sweating and heading off to work only to return, rinse and repeat over, and over and over. And what do you notice?

“Fitness may well be humanity’s most failed endeavour”

I see people that have been working out for decades – literally that – decades. And what do they have to show for it? The same old layers of fat, pudgy cushingoid faces, metabolic syndrome riddled bodies, wasted time-crushed dreams. Depressing.

But is there any light at the end of the tunnel. Of course there is but it takes an open mind, research and a scientific look at this gym/training thing we are so willy nilly enganging in. But therein lies the rub. Are you able and willing to put in the time and effort to figure out what the latest findings are? Do you have an open enough mind that you can accept that the way we’ve been doing this these past several years we’ve proven to ourselves that weight training and even cardio training is a waste of time — the Way we’ve been doing it that is. Are you open to discovering a new way. I am and I have. I’ve been through over 250 peer reviewed papers covering that holy grail of scientific processes – the Randomized Controlled Trial. And what I’ve found has surprised even me.

It all began when I lived and worked with the Masai communities of the Kajiado area right here in our back yard. What I found out changed my entire outlook on nutrition and diet. Over the years that outlook and the ways in which to implement it into my own, my families and my patients’ lives has led to numerous (103 and counting) successes success being – cancer eliminated, six-packs deployed, sleep cycles regularized, metabolic syndrome and diabetes chased off.

Here is an old presentation I created a while back. Of course things have changed a lot since I made this though it is still relevant. As with all these pages here … keep coming back … I will add more material as I get the time and find the gumption and inclination to push more stuff your way.