All your cells are spiked!

ALL of you who took the vaccine — SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOU.

No research, no reasoning, no thinking. Just followed the kooks that goaded you on to do it to you and by extension to ALL of us and LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE … you’ve given so many thousands of us spike protein effects, long covid symptoms, MCAS, bipolar symptoms, Epstein Barr Virus activation, Shingles reactivation, allergic blowups, migrating polyarthritis and so, so much more much of which we’ll be left discovering and scrambling to battle for years to come.

YOU! It’s you that did this! How could you have allowed anyone to genetically modify your very own bodies? You, who most likely are scared to death of genetically modified foods – allowed yourselves to be bullied into putting messenger RNA – MESSENGER RNA into your bodies, into your souls, into the very heart of your beings. And you had the nerve to say you did this for the rest of us, to do the right thing for all of humanity, to hold your head up high as you did it and after.

Not holding your heads up high now are you?

Did not think one jot. Just took on a completely untested, unproven, new technology never before used in humans. Not even tested in animals. And what did that tech do? It created resistant strains – the Omicron varieties we are now seeing are things of real horror. Wait for it – more are on the way – thanks to you lot. Thanks to you lot that don’t invest in your education, don’t stop to think for one minute, run helter-skelter like scared rabbits.

And now we ALL will pay for this foolishness – many with our well being and perhaps even with our lives!

423,651 views 16 Apr 2023 German pathology, John’s text book on pathophysiology and more, free download on this link,

DNA damage in mitochondria in human cells. Truly frightening stuff – cellular destruction of many of our cells must follow mitochondrial DNA damage.

73,514 views Streamed live on 29 Jul 2022 #drbeen#koolbeens#COVID Just HOW Does Spike Protein Destroy Mitochondria? (Studies) Do you wonder just how does the spike protein cause cell damage? In this study researchers provide a unique insight into the mechanism of damage and the evidence of damage in brain microglial cells using Ramen microspectrometer. Let’s review.

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