Hybrid Solar Eclipse tomorrow

A hybrid solar eclipse combines an annular and a total solar eclipse where the former becomes the latter and then usually reverts back. Therefore, observers at different points in the eclipse path can experience different phenomena. For example, if you watch a hybrid solar eclipse at sunrise or at sunset you may see a brief “ring of fire”. If you watch it at midday — so at the mid-point of the eclipse’s path across the surface of Earth — you’ll experience totality. It’s therefore impossible to experience both an annular and a total solar eclipse during a hybrid event — you have to make a choice.

We will not be able to see it in Nairobi but here is a interactive map so you can play and experience where it will travel. I am searching for other views especially satellite photos/videos and will post images and links here if I can get them. In the meantime look what humans+computers+math — have a play at the link above.